Online calculator

At you will find a plethora of free calculators and converters operating in an abundance of various fields. Thus, you can perform more or less complicated math operations in one place as well as check your BMI, average car consumption or the costs of a planned trip. You can also convert currency rates, units of speed, length, volume, etc. in an instant.

The math calculator handles both basic and advanced functions as well as mathematical operations, supporting your calculations during education, work, and private life.

In addition, the additional subpages provide a possibility of:
· drawing graphs for function of one variable
· solving equations and inequalities, simplifying algebraic expressions and acting on fractions
· calculating the derivative of a function.

The functions and operations supported by the calculator include:
- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
- exponentiation and root extraction
- factorial
- absolute value
- natural and decimal logarithm
- trigonometric functions sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), secant (sec), cosecant (csc), cotangent (cot)
- hyperbolic trigonometric functions.

Furthermore, in expressions you can use basic mathematical constants like π and e.

According to the rules of Polish language, comma is used as the decimal separator. Angles should be entered in radians. To convert the angle from degrees to radians, you can use the following formula (degrees) π/180.